Sarah HudsonPierce

Rookie (February 22,1948 / Sulphur Springs, Arkansas)

Biography of Sarah HudsonPierce

I was born on the back roads of Arkansas near Sulphur Springs, Arkansas at home to Roy Earnest Hudson and Marcella May Morris Hudson.
My parents married late in life due to many factors, one being the fact that my mother had been injured in a fall as a young child born in Woods County, Oklahoma, while Oklahoma was still Indian Territory.
Her parents ran for ran in the Oklahoma Land Rush.
My mother was born in 1906 in an underground sod dwelling, believed to have been inhabited by the Native American Indians before the Land Rush.
My grandmother, Myrtle May Maples Morris died of typhoid fever at the age of twenty-five, while still living in that underground dwelling. At this same time my uncle Jimmy Morris, who was then six years of age, also died of typhoid fever. Their father was also stricken by the dread disease and almost died.
To compound my mother's problem of being orphaned soon by her mom who died while she was two, she fell through the roof of that underground dwelling and lapsed into a coma and suffered brain damage that would hinder her from having a normal life.
I spoke with her foster Mom, Clara Knox, who died in the early 1990's and she told me was there when my mother fell and she couldn't stop her. It helped me to understand her problems when she explained my mom's injury to me.
My mother lived with Clara Knox and her husband until my grandfather recovered and later remarried when my mom was eight years of age. She next rejoined her dad and began life with him.
This shaped my life as my mom didn't marry until the age of thirty-eight after her dad died. She married my father, a confirmed batchelor whose picture is on my web site at
Because of her injury my mom was unable to function as a normal mother. My father died when I was ten. Later I went into an orphanage at Tulsa, Oklahoma.
Having suffered so much during my childhood, I turned to writing and it truly helped me cope and find out who I am.
At the age of fifty-six, I can truly say I am grateful for the hard knocks that I have suffered because it brought me out to a brighter day.
I married, have three children. I am now on my own and leading a very happy life.
I work in sales, host the Sarah Hudson-Pierce Show with Time Warner Cablevision of Shreveport near where I live on Caddo Lake in Louisiana.
I have had five books, three of which are books of poetry, two are short inspirational pieces. The titles of my books are Friendship is a Journey, The Warming of Winter, To Soar Again! Southern Vignettes, and Turning Points.
My favorite poem is one posted at this site that was written by Tanya Alexander. The title of that poem is 'Hello Again!
It's Me Sarah! ' That poem tells my life story better than I ever could.
Within the past seventeen years my life has truly been blest. I have maintained a close relationship with a kindred spirit who feeds my spirit and has given me the essence of what I need to grow!
Within the past two years I formed Ritz Publications and have published the out of print books by the late Julia Pleasants Creswell who is the great grandmother of my good friend,
James C. Gardner, former Mayor of Shreveport, Louisiana.
I am currently working on his biography with him. It is due to be published by the end of June,2004.

Sarah HudsonPierce's Works:

Friendship Is A Journey
The Warmer of Winter
To Soar Again!
Southern Vignettes
Turning Points Updates


We start on our Journey
Of openness-
One day at a time-
Afraid to reach out-
To unveil the Secret chambers
Of our hearts.

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