Sarah Jane Black

Biography of Sarah Jane Black

I was born into a broken family. But it would seem that most of us were in this day.
My mom held us together like tattered glue holding splintered wood stuck in the shape of a block. She made a world built entirely of our own imagination. We glimpsed the Beast, but never truly conceptionalized what roamed through life with us. Then, it all came out. Years of pretending, years of denial in order to survive, years of mistakes and hard all came out. Sometimes, I wonder how I'm this whole. Other times, I still feel that I'm laid out in the words that were spewed all over this town- in what feels like the world. I believe that we are the very creation of happiness...sometimes it just takes some of us longer to discover this, and believe this. I'd like to believe that I'm almost there. But this is life. Life is a song, that no scientist can sing. We all go in and out of rhythym.
- Words of a Silent Poet

Sarah Jane Black's Works:

Seven. Destintale. Black Chix. Updates

A La Distinction

She stares in the mirror—
This girl with multi-hued hair
This girl with bluebell eyes that
Subtly shift colors with the colors she
Meticulously adorns with her body.

she moves like a shadow in a
vacant, sunless room
This girl is not fire

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