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hi I am starting out poet, and like poetry as unlike prose is friendlier for dxlexia. so if my spelling off spell check cant understand the way I write.

I started off at art angel in Dundee as something to do and have improved over the years and learning every Friday about how to write even better.

I have borderline personality and anxiety. so some of my poetry will be dark at times. its either black or white.

now or my influences, slyvia Plath and her autobiographical style. kinda like the way i use my writing to sort out my emotions.

i am the oldest of four and took up writing properly after dabbling in it for twenty odd years. i was published in a school poetry competition at thirteen. unfortunately that was fourteen years ago and didn't keep the poem. so this time round while i have the time i am trying to go far was possible.

i am addicted to my iPod, love punk(1978 to 1982) and punk now. i Love reading and have currently 310 plus books and i have read them all. i am a bit kooky, and i am nuts he-he.

i am a cat mummy and pj will be mentioned alot. and there is a lot more, my biggest hope is to publish on book. only one as my main aim is to work with people in the future and writing will always be a big part o my life.

sarah lou smith's Works:

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covered in heavy words and dried acrylic paint
taking in all, hard to voice feelings
a non judgemental, never to be seen friends

an out of date phone and a gratified diary her home
quietly taking in red rage, green jealously, and the bluest blues
calmly listening to insecurities waging war on the inner child

Lottie will never say hi or bye

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