Sarah matthews

Rookie (feb 17th 93 / in a hospital in columbus)

Biography of Sarah matthews

I was born in Febuary,17 1993. I was born exactly two mintues before midnight. I moved from Grove city, to meigs county. I am a child of three. I am the middle child. I love to write poems and play sports. I hang out with some close friends. I want to make a change in the world, weather i am known or not, is up to you. Some people will never understand why people cut themselves until they expierence it themselves. I have alot of that going on in my life and thats what motivates me to write poetry. I dont know if most people understand, but its usually the people who are always outgoing and seem to be so happy that are hidding things. Poetry is an art form and without it and music i would be completely lost. Updates

Another Chance

Why is everything so confusing? Can I be out of my mind?
It's a cold night, I'm sitting here on the porch, alone
in the dark. Thinking, thinking about what we could
have been and what I should've done to keep you.
I just can't help it, I push guys away. What can i say to make you
come back to me? I know I screwed up and I admit that.
It was my fault, but now I want you to come back.
Yes, I know that I don't desrve you but then again you
don't deserve her, you can do better than both of

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