Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt

(1836 - 1919 / Kentucky / United States)

Biography of Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt

Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt (August 11, 1836 – December 22, 1919) an American poet born in Lexington, Kentucky to Talbot Nelson Bryan and Mary Spiers. On June 18, 1861 she married John James Piatt, also a poet, as well as a federal employee, eventually serving as an American Consul in Ireland. During her career, she published some 450 poems across fifteen volumes and in leading periodicals of the day. She died in Caldwell, New Jersey. Updates

Giving Back the Flower

So, because you chose to follow me into the subtle sadness of night,
And to stand in the half-set moon with the weird fall-light on your glimmering hair,
Till your presence hid all of the earth and all of the sky from my sight,
And to give me a little scarlet bud, that was dying of frost, to wear,

Say, must you taunt me forever, forever? You looked at my hand and you knew
That I was the slave of the Ring, while you were as free as the wind is free.
When I saw your corpse in

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