Sarah Noffke

Rookie (Dallas)

Biography of Sarah Noffke

SARAH C. NOFFKE was born in Dallas.
When she was a young child, her family relocated to Cedar Creek Lake. It was in this scenic place that Sarah first began writing poetry at the age of 12.
Returning to Dallas to pursue both educational and professional goals, she never lost the unconscious pull of the space between twilight and sunrise.
When not searching her dreamland for waking parallels, she is completing her Master’s Degree while concurrently working in higher education.
Her true passions and dreams are the moments in between work and school. Her poetry is a reflection of her past, present, and future dreams.
Furthermore, it tells the story of human emotion through the eyes of a child, girl, and woman.

Sarah Noffke's Works:

Dream Sequence Updates

Sweet Breeze

I smile on your world,
And in effect you blow a sweet breeze my way.
A breeze once I would resist,
Because of fear it would tangle my hair.

World I feel your hot sun beating down on my tight, dark skin.
I realize this experience is a miracle.
So I dance in the grass.
I allow the grass, the soil, the earth to feel my bare feet.

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