Sarah Reamey

Rookie (9-25-92 / Virginia)

Biography of Sarah Reamey

Im Sarah Reamey, Im 17 years old and I'm a senior in high school. Just within this past year I've discoverd that I enjoy writing poetry. Its a great way to help me deal with my feelings. The only thing besides writing that makes me feel better is my boyfriend Jason.<33 I Love him so much. I'd like to thank the people who are checking my Biography and my poetry out. I hope you enjoy them :) -Sarah<3 Updates

Deadly Addiction

She has many friends,
but feels so alone.
No one knows what its like at home.
The only way she deals, is with pills.
1 percocet...She's still upset.
Percocet number 2....she's hopeing its all threw.
Percocet number shes feeling free.
Percocet number 4... she hits the floor.
Percocet number 5....she's no longer alive.

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