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hi im sarah, im 23 years old and i am a waitress at cracker barrel. when i was 21 years old i was pregnant for the first time and i was 8 months along and on july 11 2007 i went to the doctor with back pains and found out that my son was no longer alive and i found out that i was going to have to give birth to my son while he was dead and then i would need to bury him. so needless to say my life has done a complete 360 for the worst since that has happened and im just know hitting rock bottom realizing that my life needs a dramatic change or i wont make it much longer. so i found my self on this website and wanting to put some things into words to fuel some of the pain so here i am please support me in my journey to a better tomorrow. thank you! ! !

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So Far Gone

how did i get this far gone
my life was fine
everyday i crave this monster
that has my life turned upside down
i've lost the ones who care
i've lost my own son
at the hands of this demon
who has me so far gone
i have nothing left but the will to live

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