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i currently live in atlanta the city that never sleeps and am currently into writing songs in particular. i am engaged to a wonderful man by the name of John Spargo. i am 18 and live with my mother and father aswell as my nephew Enrique and my oldest sister Olivia.I hope to attend georgia gwinnett college in the fall of 2010. Updates

Something To Hide

Wearing sweats the size of Montana
Hiding your back pack every time someone tries to touch it as if you're a kangaroo trying to hide her pups
Wearing a jacket as thick as molasses, not to mention in weather as hot as Hades
Telling secrets like a child in a game of telephone
You’ve got something to hide
Screening your phone calls as if some one had been killed or soon would be
Blaring music so loud it could be heard in china just to have a phone conversation
You’ve definitely got somet

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