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Well, about me. I'm just a simple down-to-earth gal, from the South. I love God with all my 'heart, soul, mind, and strength...and to love my neighbors as myself' Luke 10: 27.

My Spiritual Birthday is Aug.21! And my real Birthday is Aug.19.

I love to be with my friends, and I love to serve others. Just to help others out, and to help meet some of their needs, just puts a smile on my face. Lets see, I'm part of a wonderful family: my Dad, Mom, Little Brother, and Bailey (my dog) .

I love Skittles and Starbursts. There's a lot more I could say, but I just don't feel like writing it all out. But honestly if you have a question, or if you want to know somethings about me; JUST ASK ME! I'll tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Well, Love ya!

SarahLaney Long's Works:

None, only unfinished short stories, and poems. Updates

I Am...

I am a child at heart.
I wonder if Alf is an animal.
I hear 'How to get to sesame Street', but I don't have directions.
I see Mr. Rogers change his shoes and wonder if I should too.
I want to be either the Pink or Yellow power ranger.

I am a child at heart
I pretend I'm a Ninjia Turtle
I feel scared when I see ET

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