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SarahLaney Long Poems

1. In God's Sketch Book 9/13/2007
2. Thank You, Sadly 9/13/2007
3. My Love Is For... 9/13/2007
4. The Day I Will Never Forget 9/13/2007
5. I Am... 9/13/2007
6. You First Believed 9/13/2007
7. Til Its Gone 9/13/2007
8. Complete 9/13/2007
9. Blood On The Rose 9/13/2007
10. Nothing Without Love 9/13/2007
11. Lord Please Take My Hand 9/13/2007
12. Inspired 9/13/2007
13. Apology 9/18/2007
14. The True Paradise 9/25/2007
15. Meant Every Word 9/25/2007
16. Long Time Friend 'Crush' 9/12/2007
17. Time Of Friendship 9/12/2007
18. A Prayer For My Friends 9/12/2007
19. Thinking Of You 9/12/2007
20. The Story Between Us 9/12/2007
21. The Facts Of You And Me 9/12/2007
22. Foot Of The Cross 9/12/2007
23. Your Reward 9/12/2007
24. Nothing Compares To You 9/12/2007
25. A New Me 9/12/2007
26. Until I Get To You 9/12/2007
27. No Matter 9/12/2007
28. Falling 9/12/2007
29. He Is There 9/12/2007
30. Say You Love Me 9/13/2007
31. The Man In My Life 9/13/2007
32. Friendship Redo 9/13/2007
33. My Only Savior: Isaiah 43 9/13/2007
34. The Feeling Of Change 9/13/2007
35. Broken Hearted 9/13/2007
36. Seeds Of Love 9/13/2007
37. Just Friends 9/13/2007
38. The Words I Can'T Say 9/13/2007
39. Pretending It's Not Real 9/13/2007
40. Fade To Black 2/18/2008
Best Poem of SarahLaney Long

A Letter From God...

I've created this universe, and i've created
and i'm very sad and brokenhearted to
see, all the evils that you do.

I've created each of you in my own image,
to love each other, and to show respect
and care,
but you've turned your backs on me
i'm watching you, just be aware.

I will come like a thief in the night, and strike
the evil ones with all of my might,
you know not of the hour of my coming, the
day or even the night.

For the righteous ones.

For those that paid heed to the reasons why
my only son had to bleed, ...

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I Am...

I am a child at heart.
I wonder if Alf is an animal.
I hear 'How to get to sesame Street', but I don't have directions.
I see Mr. Rogers change his shoes and wonder if I should too.
I want to be either the Pink or Yellow power ranger.

I am a child at heart
I pretend I'm a Ninjia Turtle
I feel scared when I see ET

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