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41. Friends Forever 9/12/2007
42. Things You Never Knew 9/12/2007
43. You Changed Me 9/12/2007
44. Daddy's Little Girl 9/13/2007
45. The Forgotten Friend 9/13/2007
46. Feelings Locked 9/13/2007
47. If The Feeling Is Gone 9/13/2007
48. Thoughts Of You 9/13/2007
49. I Need You To Love Me 9/13/2007
50. Never Alone 9/13/2007
51. Vsb Sisters Til The End 9/13/2007
52. I Know I Can'T Have You 9/12/2007
53. The Day Has Come 9/12/2007
54. Feelings Of Love 9/12/2007
55. My Friend 11/24/2007
56. My Gift To You 11/24/2007
57. Can We Still Be Friends? 11/24/2007
58. Can You See It In My Eyes? 11/24/2007
59. Forbidden 11/24/2007
60. To My Best Friend? 11/24/2007
61. Finding You 9/12/2007
62. My Crush 9/12/2007
63. Let's Become Old Ladies Together 9/12/2007
64. Ode To Finals Week 9/13/2007
65. Walk That Mile In Their Shoes 9/13/2007
66. Long Distance Love 2/5/2008
67. Sisters Forever 9/12/2007
68. A Letter From God... 9/13/2007
69. Why Do I Still Love You? 9/13/2007
70. You'Re Not Alone 9/13/2007

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You'Re Not Alone

I'll always be here,
No matter what you say,
Don't let go,
It's gonna be ok.

Don't hold back,
I'm here for you,
Take my hand,
I'll pull you through.

I need you,
Just like you need me,
You can't let go,
I couldn't set you free.

You're like my little sister,
You mean a lot to my heart,
I'm always gonna be there,
When you fall apart.

If you start to slip,
I start to slip too,
Because it kills me,
To know of the pain you go through.

I'd take it all away,
And live it today,
You say you want to go,...

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You First Believed

How many times did I pray you'd find me?
How many wishes on a star?
Gazing off into the dark
Dreaming I'd see your face
Safe at home unafriad
Captured in your embrace.

So many times
When my heart was broken

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