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hey..i'm Sarah-Louise or if i have written to you you may have noticed i sign off as Louii, being my nickname and preferred title. I'm 14 and live in Athlone, Co. Westmeath in Ireland... i go to Summerhill Secondary school in Athlone, Co. Roscommon. If you want to no anymore about me or if you like my poems or want me to read yours don't hesitate to write me

to be honest im not the nicest person to meet, and not someone to get on the wrong side of.I am young and hatred is definitely a new thing and it is not yet near empty. Though hate is a strong word i do use it on a day to day basis. Not many things appeal to me either.

Although hate is my sun, my friends are the air I so happily breath in.
thanks for readin...,
louii (<<<<<SEE)

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A Slave Called Valentine

she loved and loved,
but was again and again pushed away
she couldnt take it and moved and moved,
til one day that man came to love her as they say

for everything she was and stood for,
when their lips touched she could fly