Sarda Mohan

Sarda Mohan Poems

1. Home Makers 4/24/2007
2. Those Little Hands 4/24/2007
3. My India 4/24/2007
4. A Pearl 4/24/2007
5. Cloudie 4/25/2007
6. Nature And You 4/25/2007
7. Realisation 4/26/2007
8. Sweet Little Me 4/23/2007
9. Snail Pace Pays 4/25/2007
10. Happiness In Green 4/25/2007
11. For Her 4/25/2007
12. On Diamonds 6/16/2011
13. Are You Here? 6/16/2011
14. Together 6/16/2011
15. There They Go 6/16/2011
16. It Happens 6/16/2011
17. Far Away 6/16/2011
18. To Papa With Love 6/16/2011
19. Achievers 4/22/2007
20. Life 4/23/2007
21. Visitors 4/26/2007
22. The Wish 4/23/2007
23. My Little Christmas 4/23/2007
24. Is'Nt It Proud? 4/25/2007
25. My Life - Yours Too 4/23/2007
Best Poem of Sarda Mohan

My Life - Yours Too

Me you call Nature’s wonder
When a cascade or a spring slender
Me as a mighty ocean you can see
As morning dew, I can always be.

I come running down from miles afar
Giggling, dancing all the way
Glittering like a diamond or a star
For which is enough, a little sun ray.

I’m the chief in the family of Nature
A friend of the trees, soil and every creature
But from your houses, fields and mills, into me flow
Wastes that have made my quality low.

When on me, oil you spill, I remain mute,
Unable to tell you – Do not pollute
You play holi on me –...

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Sweet Little Me

I am an onion pink and plump
I love to roll around and jump
With my rich flavour and my taste
I add joy to every face.
When you peel me, I don’t cry
Yet you call me unkind. Oh, my!
I am not to be blamed, Am I?
For bringing tears to every eye

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