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401. Tribute To Loving You 12/6/2015
402. Believe In Love 3/18/2016
403. I Heard 11/14/2015
404. Acknowledgment 11/13/2015
405. One Time 6/23/2012
406. A Notes To My Beloved Country 1/9/2012
407. Tenderness 9/18/2017
408. Whose Minds 4/5/2017
409. Do Not Be A Fool (To Yourself) 7/1/2017
410. Its Having Time To Enjoy Your Life 2/24/2017
411. Barriers Life 10/9/2016
412. Money, Money, Money 5/29/2016
413. When I Look Into Your Heart 9/13/2016
414. I Am Not Super Woman 2/23/2015
415. The Emerald Of Equator (Indonesia) 12/6/2014
416. O Rain 9/2/2012
417. Thank You So Much 9/17/2012
418. Living In Horror 11/15/2015
419. Fighting For Love 3/3/2016
420. A True Friend 3/11/2016
421. Caught In The Past 12/26/2015
422. Come On Sari Mavi (I And The Sun) 2/10/2016
423. Say About Flowers 5/20/2016
424. A Faithful Promise 9/3/2017
425. Dear My Fake Friend(S) 12/9/2012
426. Because Life Is Not Fair 10/26/2016
427. Today Is My Birthday 6/22/2012
428. Mother, I Love You 4/2/2015
429. What We Want To Do 11/18/2016
430. What Is Important In Life? 3/16/2015
431. I Am A Woman 9/29/2012
432. Hope 10/26/2015
433. My Name Is Sari Mavi (2) 6/6/2015

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My Name Is Sari Mavi (2)

My name is sari mavi
Call me “sari” or “mavi”
I am an ordinary woman who born
In June was ruled by mysterious moon

If you want know who I am – I am a Cancer female
Cancerian nature with the gift of
Compassionate, shrewd, nurturing, home-loving
Intuitive, sensitive, imaginative, and caring

Sometimes can be cranky and indifferent
At the same time can be clingy, self-pitying
Most Cancerians are unaware of their moods swings
So not easy to deal with

I have both a very tough and very soft side
I have no harsh words for others even if the ...

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something - i asked: 'so what will happened? '

i would like to believe it was one moment that led i am here...

just waited for something worse to happen and got it then left behind

something - i whispered: 'it should not have been me here... that's foolishness! ! ! '

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