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321. Happiness 5/26/2016
322. The Value Of Making Mistakes 5/27/2016
323. And I Love You So 9/26/2016
324. A Prayer For Someone Who Beloved 9/26/2016
325. The Activities Of Reason 4/14/2017
326. Woman 4/21/2017
327. A Death In Humans 5/7/2017
328. Tears For Ahok 5/9/2017
329. The Essence Of Love 5/21/2017
330. Living Life 5/23/2017
331. Caterpillars And Snakes (A Reflection) 5/26/2017
332. For You 'love' 6/16/2017
333. From A Distance 6/29/2017
334. A Mother's Letter To Her Son 7/3/2017
335. Anti-Aging Plastic Surgery 7/19/2017
336. Smile Is The Simple Gift (For You) 7/21/2017
337. Talking Into My Own Self 7/23/2017
338. Love Love Love 7/26/2017
339. World Peace 8/1/2017
340. Why Are Not You Happy 8/10/2017
341. You Do Not Get Older, You Get Better 8/12/2017
342. At Night And The Daylight 8/23/2017
343. Meaning Of Love 8/27/2017
344. To Notice With Care Of Our World 3/31/2016
345. Justice Belongs To Him 10/27/2016
346. Truth Is Within You 9/5/2017
347. Heaven And Hell 9/9/2017
348. (note Of Heart) For Him Who I Love 9/11/2017
349. Show Your Love 9/11/2017
350. Giving To Others 9/28/2017
351. In Memory 10/1/2017
352. Love Hurts 10/9/2017
353. Happy And Love 10/11/2017
354. (death) The Only Certainty In Life 10/22/2017
355. Indonesia Is Our Homeland 10/31/2017
356. Love, Longing, And Silence 11/6/2017
357. Footsteps 11/7/2017
358. (happened) Despair 11/11/2017
359. The Human Heart 11/11/2017
360. Beautiful Voice 11/23/2017

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My Name Is Sari Mavi (2)

My name is sari mavi
Call me “sari” or “mavi”
I am an ordinary woman who born
In June was ruled by mysterious moon

If you want know who I am – I am a Cancer female
Cancerian nature with the gift of
Compassionate, shrewd, nurturing, home-loving
Intuitive, sensitive, imaginative, and caring

Sometimes can be cranky and indifferent
At the same time can be clingy, self-pitying
Most Cancerians are unaware of their moods swings
So not easy to deal with

I have both a very tough and very soft side
I have no harsh words for others even if the ...

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i never think about it

i never cares about it

why do
i have to cares about it?
i have to waste my time for about it?

yaaa i am not care it!

i only care would spend all night long with dancing
just dancing and dancing
in the moonlight

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