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  • ''Not beating the drums of war, if you do not master these two things: the character of opponents and battlefield''
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  • ''the principle of life, sometimes, can be very flexible, will change based on the existing situation in front of us, consciously or unconsciously''
    the principle of life
  • ''A mother could take care of her ten children, but ten children may not be able to care for her mother''
  • ''you said that life must be fought and fought, it is not good when in life to be a loser''
    Life, fight, loser
  • ''Surely the world is not as cruel as I imagine. He has given lessons on two things: 1. How to respond to circumstances; 2. How to be wise to live life''
    Living life
  • ''The ignorance has no boundaries, but it has many dumb ways to die for''
    Ignorance, boundary, to die for

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Best Poem of Sari Mavi

I Am A Woman

I am not a smart woman
I am a woman who understands

I am not a strong woman
I am a courageous woman

I am not an arrogant woman
I am a woman who has self-esteem

I am a woman who created so weak
which must be protected and cherished
Although the Lord gives me the ability to
face the cruel life in solitude

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Sorry No Space

Me and you is something
Something that creates many feelings and hopes
But I do not know will keep it where? ?
Because the spaces of old owners that available still full of

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