Sarita Brown

Rookie (11/03/1956 / San Gabriel California)

Biography of Sarita Brown

Sarita Brown poet

Sarita Brown was born to teenage parents in the 50's. Her maternal grandparents were from Oklahoma and migrated to California during the depression.

She grew up in a small beach community in Southern California during the 60's and 70's, an idyllic experience she laughingly refers to as a cross between the Wonder Years and That 70's Show. Her mother ran a small cafe on the end of the pier and she grew up on the beach.

She was the first woman in her family to graduate from high school, the first to graduate from college and the first to have her first child out of her teens.

She says that her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother are her heroes for their tireless devotion to the goodness of life and their faith.

Sarita started writing about the same time she started singing. The cadence of song, even in her free verse work mark her poetry.

She has lived in California, Oregon, Texas, London, Geneva, Scotland and has recently made her home in Arequipa Peru, where she studies Spanish, works with kids and writes obsessively.

She has a degree in theology of religion and has worked with people with learning disabilities in the arts. She paints when she runs out of words.

She was married for 22 years to the writer, S.L.Smedley, and has a son, Lucas, a counselor for troubled teens who lives in Texas and a daughter, Zoe, a micro-biologist who lives in San Diego. They do her proud.

Sarita Brown's Works:

'show your sweet side, poems from the underground of love' pub in 2004 Updates

Happy Birthday

There was a light
there above and around
your fine head
which buzzed
with JD and laughter.
And after all my darkness
I really needed Light,
(though you always claimed:
'optical illusion') .

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