Saritha Madhusudanan

Biography of Saritha Madhusudanan

I was born on a warm Thursday evening on the 2nd of April.. My mom made sure that I didnt step down on the 1st.. Thank God!

Then.. I continued living... my dreams, in my room, listening to the raindrops, enjoying their light kissing, rocking on a swing, sleeping with open books....

Many people came and went in my life.. Some stayed on. Some made marks.. A few touched my heart.. One or two entered inside too..

And I am still living.. Life goes on!

Saritha Madhusudanan's Works:

My first book getting ready for publishing..... Updates


Sleep eluded me.
I lay thinking...thinking of
things to come, things which had come...
but no solution for anyone...
Is this bliss?
A hypothetical bliss?
Deep in the night, somewhere, hooted an owl
A signal of evil? A sense of brood?
Only he knows why he cried.