Sasha Claire Beckains

Rookie - 46 Points (August 10,1994 / Cebu, Philippines)

Biography of Sasha Claire Beckains

Name: Sasha Claire
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Height: 4' 11'
Fav. Movie: Tangled
Fav. TV Show: Burn Notice
Fav. Writer: Karen Kingsbury
Fav. Drink: Blue Raspbery slushy/ Carmel Mocchiato
Fav. Place: Somewhere Peaceful
Best Friend: Isabella Updates


Why did you have to go?
Go and break my heart?
Break my heart with another girl?
I love you with my everything.
I promised I would always be there
for you when you called me.
I haven't failed you yet, but you let me down.
I thought you and me were in love.
Until she came.

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