Sashka Salvatore

Rookie [Oswilde] (Serbia / Serbia)

Biography of Sashka Salvatore

I'm a 19 years old ridiculously, possibly foolishly brave girl that has too many passions and pursuits in life. Becoming a published, well-known, respected writer is the greatest one.
For there is no such thing quite as harmful and delightful to its creator as Art.

Sashka Salvatore's Works:

Sadly, none. Yet. Updates


If the night is that which your chest's foretold
Then let me surrender to it with all that I behold.
My undoubted saviour, t'is you that I seek
And in swarthy waves I found you - holding one so weak.
How do I speak when my tongue is stiff?
How do I touch when my body's limp?
Let us drown in silence, for words - they do not speak;
Silence withholds no screams, no shrieks...
Save love; Weary arms and this - your heartbeat.

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