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Satis Shroff Poems

1. The Lure Of The Himalayas (Satis Shroff, Freiburg) 4/4/2007
2. To Santa Fe (Satis Shroff, Freiburg) 4/4/2007
3. The Sea Swells (Satis Shroff, Freiburg) 4/5/2007
4. The Flaw (Satis Shroff, Freiburg) 4/5/2007
5. Blue Allemanic Eyes (Satis Shroff) 4/5/2007
6. I Saw Love (Satis Shroff, Freiburg) 4/5/2007
7. Grow With Love (Satis Shroff, Freiburg) 4/5/2007
8. Without Words (Satis Shroff, Freiburg) 4/5/2007
9. The Tantric Woman (Satis Shroff, Freiburg) 4/5/2007
10. The Dance Of The Demons (Satis Shroff) 4/5/2007
11. You In My Thoughts (Satis Shroff, Freiburg) 4/5/2007
12. Separation (Satis Shroff) 4/5/2007
13. Day Dreaming (Satis Shroff, Freiburg) 4/5/2007
14. Without You, My Love (Satis Shroff, Freiburg) 4/5/2007
15. Why Do I Love You? (Satis Shroff) 4/5/2007
16. Deleting Lives In The Cyberworld (Satis Shroff) 2/20/2008
17. Hooked To Bits And Bytes (Satis Shroff) 2/20/2008
18. Groggy In The Afternoon (Satis Shroff) 2/20/2008
19. Deficiency Syndrome (Satis Shroff) 2/20/2008
20. Hauptschool Kids (Satis Shroff) 2/20/2008
21. Matsuyama Blues (Satis Shroff) 2/20/2008
22. Sonderschool (Satis Shroff) 2/20/2008
23. Dead End (Satis Shroff) 2/20/2008
24. East Bloc Kid Goes West (Satis Shroff) 2/20/2008
25. Wenn Ein Kind/ If A Child...(Anon) 2/20/2008
26. Quo Vadis, My Nepal? (Satis Shroff, Freiburg) 4/4/2007
27. Death Of A Precious Jewel (Satis Shroff, Freiburg) 4/4/2007
28. The Broken Poet (Satis Shroff, Freiburg) 4/4/2007
29. The Holy Cows Of Kathmandu (Satis Shroff, Freiburg) 4/4/2007
30. Only Sagarmatha Knows (Satis Shroff, Freiburg) 4/4/2007
31. A Disrupted Life (Satis Shroff, Freiburg) 4/5/2007
32. My Nightmare (Satis Shroff, Freiburg) 4/5/2007
33. Kathmandu Is Nepal (Satis Shroff) 4/5/2007
34. Zeitgeistlyrik: Aurora Borealis (Satis Shroff) 3/27/2012
35. Zeitgeistlyrik: Between Prometheus And Surgery (Satis Shroff) 6/27/2013
36. Enchanting Schwarzwald (Satis Shroff) 4/17/2017
37. Schwarzwald Nature Notes 5/3/2018
38. Lost Friendships 5/3/2018
39. A Waltz With You 5/3/2018
40. Alpine Gratitude 5/3/2018

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The Japanese Garden (Satis Shroff)

Nine Hauptschule kids in their teens,
Sit on benches in the Japanese Garden,
Near the placid, torquoise lake.

The homework is done sloppily.
Who cares?
The boys are bursting with hormones,
As they tease the only blonde from Siberia.

A fat guy named Heino likes the blonde,
But she doesn’t fancy him.
Annäherung, Vermeidung:
A conflict develops.

The teacher tells him in no uncertain terms:
“Lass Sie bitte in Ruhe! ”
But Heino with the MP3 doesn’t care
And carries on:
Grasping her breasts,
Caressing her groin.
She puts up a ...

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Lost Friendships


When old friends

Go asunder,

What remains

Are memories,

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