Satish Verma

Gold Star - 42,435 Points (5-6-1935)

Satish Verma Poems

321. Choking On Words 2/16/2008
322. Pathophobia 2/18/2008
323. Crack Of Dawn` 2/18/2008
324. Blood Was On Sheet 2/18/2008
325. Salt Lake 2/19/2008
326. Become My Father 2/21/2008
327. Corpse Is Being Sent 2/22/2008
328. Valentine 2/23/2008
329. Afraid Of Unknown 2/24/2008
330. Blackened Crozier 2/25/2008
331. Boat Capsizes 2/26/2008
332. Food Was Left On The Plate 2/27/2008
333. Kleptomaniac 2/28/2008
334. An Anode Will Discharge 2/29/2008
335. Lips Of Moon Were Hot 3/1/2008
336. Still Birth 3/2/2008
337. All The Empty Hands 3/3/2008
338. Give Me Some Poison To Live 3/4/2008
339. Fly-Trap 3/5/2008
340. Debts Of Gratitude` 3/6/2008
341. Death On Grass 3/7/2008
342. In Inward Aloneness 3/8/2008
343. Death Was Very Genial 3/20/2008
344. Actualis 3/24/2008
345. Other God Was Sleeping 3/24/2008
346. Aloneness Of Fire 3/24/2008
347. Asia At The Edge 3/24/2008
348. History Was Walking 3/25/2008
349. Dialogue On Non-Death 3/25/2008
350. Bald Sky 3/25/2008
351. Chaste Tree 3/25/2008
352. Dignity 3/26/2008
353. Blazing Trail 3/26/2008
354. Doves Had Stopped Flying 3/26/2008
355. Kupfernickled 3/26/2008
356. Downpour 3/27/2008
357. I Was Closing The Weeping Chapter 3/27/2008
358. Dilemma 3/27/2008
359. Ecstasy 3/27/2008
360. Sharks 3/28/2008

Comments about Satish Verma

  • Seamus O Brian Seamus O Brian (9/19/2016 1:36:00 PM)

    Reading Mr. Verma's poetry is like chasing the siren of kaleidoscopic street fetishes, leaving you hungry to swallow mink-oiled feathers, while others charge the battlements of confused money-changers, and what you thought you grasped disappears down the tuberosity of a catfish spine.

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  • Thakker Bhupen Thakker Bhupen (6/6/2011 8:01:00 PM)

    I found 'Anniversary of Flirtation' sensational. Your poem and you are like the Colour Navy blue greeting Pink, under a Gold tree, Bhupen Thakker

  • Yacov Mitchenko (12/25/2009 8:35:00 AM)

    Satish Verma is a very interesting poet. I'm not quite sure I like the style, but it's highly provocative and original. The writer is definitely worthy of further study.

  • Goldy Locks (10/15/2007 11:14:00 PM)

    Satish's poems are loaded. They astound. Wrap your mind around his lines for this guy has lived intently, intensely and has much to share, teach.

    best care
    sjg -~-

Best Poem of Satish Verma


Turns me on
I will write a poem.

Delirious moon had
picked me up from under the skin.

The safety pin was broken,
now a crowd will disrobe me.

Everytime when my pain makes you cry
oranges are not meant for the sale.

A collegium will stich up the wound.
Once upon a caste the country will go.

• On reading Orange Crush of Simone Muench.

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Rains Are Coming

Sleep me, conceive me like sphagnum;
propel me to essence of death.
Seeing has put me behind the truth,
Like centipede, fear crawls in deep blind cave
throwing the feelers.
The gene has faltered. No red lights.
A paw, a blackboard, white lines
message is not clear.

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