Satyabrata Barik

Satyabrata Barik Poems

1. I Knew 2/19/2012
2. The Clouds Are 5/3/2012
3. Sometimes 7/7/2012
4. In The Rainy 7/16/2012
5. Rose Is Beautiful 7/16/2012
6. I Made An Invisible 7/26/2012
7. That Morning 8/21/2012
8. Someone Like 9/27/2012
9. The Face 9/30/2012
10. I Do Not 9/30/2012
11. Love Someone 12/3/2012
12. I Do Not Know 12/21/2012
13. I Can Hear 12/21/2012
14. Why... 12/21/2012
15. You Are On Your Way 2/5/2013
16. Girls Are 6/28/2013
17. I Thought 6/28/2013
18. Did You...... 6/28/2013
19. I Am Jealous.... 7/22/2013
20. X - With A Hope..... 7/23/2013
21. X - What The Hell..... 7/23/2013
22. Everyday I Think..... X 7/26/2013
23. Can Death Be The Only Sollution ? 7/27/2013
24. When I See You..... 11/12/2013
25. X One Girl 7/23/2013
26. When Our Eyes Meet..... 11/12/2013
27. How Can I Stop.... X 7/25/2013
Best Poem of Satyabrata Barik

How Can I Stop.... X

How can i stop my eyes from looking at you
When your sweet face pleases my heart?
How can i stop my ears hearing your words
When they let me forget thirst and hunger?
How can i stop my nose to stop smelling your perfume
When i know the air fills my sorroundinds with your invisible presence?
How can i stop my feet moving on your way
When i know the road leads me towards you?
How can i permit my heart to forget you
When you let me feel fully alive with joy and peace?

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The Clouds Are

The clouds are long distance travellers
Equally care free with a stumbling little baby
Freedom is its aim and it enjoys sailing
Rains are its blessing when it is very happy.

Clouds move village to village, country to country
And looks our beloved ones and bring their touch
As in the touch of rains, we get something

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