Satyendra Pratap singh

Biography of Satyendra Pratap singh


I am satyendra, for me poetry is a musical expression of thought.Human life is very unstable. We go through various phases in life and we undergo diffrent kinds of feelings and emotions through out
our lives and these emotions inspire me to write down in a piece of papper.By sharing I feel relieved.

In poetry I find sympathy in grief joy in happiness and insiparation for a better life.I have read various kinds of poets but I like classical poets most. I write in classical rhyming style and in free verse style as well.
I dont like to be bound by any particular style or sect so you will find lots of variations in my poetry.

Though most of my poetry is on the popular theme of love but I have also written on current social issues like corruption and honour killing beacause as a poet and citizen its my moral responsibility to raise my voice against social and political evils.

I have touched almost all the human emotion like joy, sorrow, envy and anger in my poems because these strong emotions fill our lives with diffrent colors. Updates

Rise And Fall

One night looking at full moon
one idea struck my mind
and i begin to think.

why not all time moon is
full size
It has spots yet it looks nice

Soon one voice crossed my mind
The law of nature is everywhere
The cycle is always moving

One that grow will perish
and one that perish
will grow again.

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