Saucy Elmo

Rookie (January 21,1997 / Orlando, FL.)

Biography of Saucy Elmo

Just an ordinary 15 year old girl living through high school. With it's many ups and downs, I often turn to writing as an escape. I'm certainly not your average girl. I'm an avid gamer and an 80s movie fanatic. I love to read. I'm in my high school band where I play clarinet, and I can sing as well. Pandas are amazing, Sonic is the bomb-dig, and Zelda is the shiz. I'm told I'm smart, down to Earth, sweet, and funny. I've had my heart broken my fair share of times, but I'm still going strong. If you actually took the time to read all this, thank you.

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The rain beats on my windowpane.
Thunder is the only thing I hear.
I try falling asleep, as a tear escapes my eye.
The silence speaks to me in hushed whispers.
Why does everything remind me of you?

So I suck up the pain, even though it hurts.
I dry my tears even if they're still falling.
This is what you do to me..

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