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Savita Tyagi Poems

321. When Heart Is At Peace 3/18/2015
322. By Gone 8/21/2013
323. My Little Memory And Tribute To Maya Angelou (Not A Poem) 5/28/2014
324. A Friend 8/3/2014
325. Random Thought Ill 8/29/2014
326. Random Thought Vll 10/14/2014
327. Selfie 8/9/2015
328. Random Thoughts Xx 6/30/2015
329. When Memory Starts To Fail You..... 12/12/2015
330. A Lost Verse 2/29/2016
331. Haiku 13,14 (Sun And Dew Drops) 4/21/2016
332. Senryu 8 6/4/2016
333. Poetry's Call 7/9/2017
334. Adulthood 7/9/2017
335. Flash Thought Iv (Ritam - Rhythm) 4/26/2017
336. Longing For A Cool Breeze 8/12/2016
337. My Favorite Prayer 11/1/2016
338. A Prayer For Guidance 3/16/2014
339. Invisible 5/22/2012
340. The Hope Of Spring 6/21/2012
341. A Walk In The Garden L 1/6/2014
342. Infatuation 2/4/2014
343. Halloween 11/3/2014
344. From Destiny's Palm 8/21/2014
345. Why Do I Write 7/8/2014
346. A Floating Cloud 4/17/2012
347. A Spring Like Day In Autumn I 12/23/2014
348. A Dream Experience And Its Impressions I 8/27/2015
349. Chaperon Of My Lost Rhymes! 2/16/2016
350. Senryu 13 (Politician) 2/6/2016
351. Ice Storm 12/1/2015
352. 1/2 And 1/2 Nots 12/12/2016
353. Animals Know Something That We Don't 8/23/2016
354. A Bird's Chase And Bee's Flight 8/1/2016
355. A Song Of My Existence 4/11/2013
356. About A Day That Stands Out 7/10/2013
357. Keep Me In Your Grace 5/19/2014
358. Anger 8/29/2014
359. Pray For Grieving Hearts 9/4/2015
360. Reflections (On Self, God, And Potentiality) 8/9/2016
Best Poem of Savita Tyagi

A Poet's Heart

He had a poet’s heart
When he melted with pain at the sight of a wounded bird
Like an ice cube melting in summer’s heat
The helpless eyes of grieving bird’s mate
Turned his heart’s cries into verses of poetry
This famous story is an inspiration
For poets around the world

On rainy days a poet’s imagination streams and floats
Like a little paper boat in gushing rainwater
It giggles and laughs with little children
Playing in rainwater
It captures the adventures of a raindrop
Falling in puddles of city streets
Floating through winding alleys
And ...

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At the onslaught of winter stripped of their possessions trees stand in silent prayer.
Grey clouds hang low just above the black trees as if to kiss them goodbye
The milky white glow of moon creates a longing
Is it possible to reach out to unknown?
I get not answer in that cold and still night.
Flowers huddled together still spread their fragrance
Soon the merciless frost of winter will kill the bloom.
Gofers in my backyard have created mounds of dirt to settle deep in warm earth.

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