Saxyn Schaffer

Rookie (4/2/1993 / Elkhart, Indiana)

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Saxyn Schaffer poet

Dear friends,

Hello and welcome.. My real name is Saxyn Renee Schaffer. I am from Elkhart, Indiana but currently live in Gouldcity, Michigan. I have had a rough past. I am very breakable. And i am very hard to understand. Few people do understand me and I am thankful for them who do understand me. I write my poetry different from others. Mine tell the past and what I feel. They can tell how I feel and what i'm about to do. I play guitar to get my mind off of things. I am not the best but I try. Musik is my high. But please if you have any questions about anything, please ask and I will try to answer you.*.*.*.6-1-09.*.*.*.

xxsaxynxx Updates

What Is Love?

I do not know what love is. Love i believe is a mistake. A lie. A joke. A horrible thing people say to people that they don't mean it to.

Where is love?

I don't know where love is. It can't be in you heart. If it was you would feel bad when you shouldn't. Love is a mistake. A lie. A joke. A meaningless feeling.

Why do we love?

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