Sayed Gouda

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Biography of Sayed Gouda

Sayed Gouda (b.1968, Cairo) is an Egyptian poet and novelist.[1] He majored in the Chinese language. Sayed Gouda won a first prize of poetry in 1990 before he migrated to Hong Kong in 1992. He has four books of poetry in the Arabic language and a novel in the English language called Once Upon a Time in Cairo. He has translated hundreds of poems from and into Arabic, Chinese, and English. His works and translations have appeared in Arabic, English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Macedonian, Uzbek, Thai, and Mongolian. Currently he is the editor of a literary website called Nadwah in five languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, and German. Sayed Gouda has organized a monthly literary salon in Hong Kong since April 2004. Most of his translations have already been published in several periodicals in Egypt, China, and Hong Kong. Sayed Gouda has been invited to participate in many international poetry festivals around the world like Man Hong Kong Literary Festival in Hong Kong (2002–2007) , International Poetry Festival of Cairo in Egypt (2007,2009) , Qinghai International Poetry Festival in China (2007 & 2011) , Struga Poetry Nights in Macedonia (2009) and so on. Sayed Gouda was honoured with The Enchanting Poet Award in December 2012. At present, he is a PhD candidate at City University of Hong Kong. His dissertation is a comparative study of the revival of traditional forms in contemporary poetry. Other research interests include comparative poetics, comparative literature, and prosody studies.

Sayed Gouda's Works:

*The Smoke of Love – a book of Arabic poetry published in Cairo in 1990.
*The Sad Questions of Cassandra – a book of Arabic poetry published in Cairo in 2005.
*Between a Broken Dream and Hope – a book of Arabic poetry published in Cairo in 2005.
*Once Upon a Time in Cairo – English novel published in Hong Kong in 2006.
*Prophet of the Poets – a collection of poems translated in Macedonian language published in Macedonia in 2008.
*Bottle of Glue – a collection of poems translated from Arabic into Chinese and English published in Hong Kong in 2007 Updates

At The End Of The Night

Maybe the one who came scurrying
at the end of the night
to knock on our door, humble,
begging for a piece of bread,
a mouthful of water,
and a woollen shawl
to protect himself from the biting of cold
was a jinni,
carrying in his pocket

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