Sayeed Abubakar

Gold Star - 16,439 Points (21 September 1972 / Jessore / Bangladesh)

Sayeed Abubakar Quotes

  • ''Here darkness is brighter than light.
    Here wrong is preferable to right.
    Here love is hated, hatred is admired.
    Here people are now tired
    Of religion, truth and justice.
    Here is no peace.''
    Taken from the poet's famous poem 'The Waste Land'.
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  • '''Why does there lie sorrow and gloom
    on thy face? '
    'Because I have to bloom'
    the bud says.

    Yet the bud blooms,
    then begins to die,
    like dewdrops falling down on tombs
    says, 'Goodbye.'''
    -Sayeed Abubakar, Sorrow of Bud
  • ''What is my fault, tell me-
    why did you get so lucrative
    like the alluring grapes?
    Why did you get so irresistibly delicious
    like the colorful mangoes ripe to the core?
    Why did you start- by smearing the fire of beauty
    on lips and cheeks- heating, as the oven, the fry-pan
    of my youth and baking the bread of heart so severely?

    For your sake, I ventured to disobey
    the Lord of darkness and light;
    yet how strangely you rejected me
    by calling me heartless!
    For your sake, I rudely invented
    the festival of killing on earth;
    still how surprisingly you flung me
    into the dustbin of despair!

    Oh Aclima, is love then a sin?
    Is love a fruit of the forbidden tree?''
    -Sayeed Abubakar, taken from `First Sin of Love'
  • ''Every love has its sound;
    It creates and it breaks.
    A foil stands like gray hound
    Against it and tragedy makes.

    But don't worry, a dove
    sings sweet and cares no gun;
    What lasts on earth but love?
    It removes darkness like the Sun.

    With heaven it is bound,
    To reach God is its goal;
    Every love has its sound;
    it's the sound of winning a soul.''
    Sound of Love, Sayeed Abubakar

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Best Poem of Sayeed Abubakar

A Strange Boy

An innocent boy leaving the lap of mother
opened his fearful eyes in the war-trodden world
and asked in a depressed voice, 'Where have I come? '
I told him the name of the earth.

The boy looked at the corners of the earth
and with wonder and pain, seeing the towns and paths
full of corpses and heart-rending bloods
further asked,
'Will you tell me how man lives in this hell? '

I said to him, 'Oh, it's a shame!
Where is man in this hell?

Translated from Bangla by Nazib Wadood


Un niño extraño

Un niño inocente ...

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She: 1

She looks fine when she laughs.
She looks fine when she weeps.
She looks fine when she gets angry.

Sayeed, which way you watch the Moon,
she always remains the Moon;
the Moon will never look ugly.

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