sayia willows

Rookie (7-5-1995 / missouri)

Biography of sayia willows

im a great friend love to talk i no how to give advice when its needed i love to right and i love to let people know im there for them

i am emo and metal head im a wise ass sometimes but i also can be loving i can be truth ful but if i know some thing will hurt u i will keep it to my self i know alot about certian things so if u need info and im around just let me know if im not here just leave me an emial at and ill get back to u when i can

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Wanting You

In the darkness of the night I here you breathing
I here your breath coming and going slowly end evenly
I want to touch your face and look at you but I don’t dare
To wake you all I want is hold you now to love you
But im not like you im not human like you are you know
What I am and you don’t care your blood is yours to give
And you give it because you love me you the vampire inside
Was not my choice I was born this and for ever will be it until im?
Hunted down and killed but I know yo

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