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Scarlet Shay Poems

1. Change 1/15/2011
2. Cinderella Remix 1/15/2011
3. It Was Me Not You... Yeah Right 1/15/2011
4. Liars 1/15/2011
5. A Letter To You 1/20/2011
6. What You Deserve 1/20/2011
7. My Old Friend 1/20/2011
8. Remember Me 3/12/2011
9. A Dream 3/12/2011
10. Sorry Dad 3/15/2011
11. Disappear 3/15/2011
12. Sis #2 3/25/2011
13. It's Just Him 3/26/2011
14. Replaced And Forgotten 3/30/2011
15. 2 A.M 4/7/2011
16. New 5/4/2011
17. Only Girl 5/4/2011
18. You Were Once A Friend 5/23/2011
19. Questions 5/23/2011
20. Fly With Me 6/15/2011
21. Blood And A Blade 6/18/2011
22. Depressed In Disguise 7/6/2011
23. The Only One 4/7/2011
24. I Wanna Run Away 3/9/2011
25. Fake. 1/15/2011
26. Alone 3/30/2011
27. For My Aunt And Cousins 3/29/2011
28. Ready To Die 6/15/2011
29. True Love 3/20/2011

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Best Poem of Scarlet Shay

True Love

Love is a mystery
Soon to be history
Never a chance
Was given to me

A touch so soft
A kiss of delight
A hug of perfection
And words that fill the night

My fingers intertwined with yours
As my heart flies like a bird
The sweet gentle touch
Of your skin is pure

Our eyes lock in love
As the angels sing above
And then your lips part
Awaiting the kiss of my heart
So I lean closely in
As butterflies swim in me
Your sweet delicate lips
Complete me

Warmth of a old knitted quilt
And the Smell of a rose
Oh I never ...

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Cinderella Remix

I escape my apartment
Leaving my stepfather and his dreams
Letting the beast be not worry about me

I got to the club
A block from my house
Bargaining with the guards to let me pas

In high heels

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