Scarlet .....

Scarlet ..... Poems

161. Your Heartless 1/28/2010
162. Soul Trapped In An Eye 4/22/2010
163. Fear: Defined 8/8/2010
164. Locked Up So Low 3/29/2007
165. She Lied 3/29/2007
166. I Can See Threw It 4/4/2007
167. Dear Mom 4/7/2007
168. This Can'T Be Happening 4/8/2007
169. I Will Walk On The Surface 4/10/2007
170. Caroline-Just Their Baby Girl 4/25/2007
171. Stone Heart (In The Works) 5/18/2007
172. From Stone To Sand 5/22/2007
173. From My Birth To My Death 5/22/2007
174. My Only Friends 5/22/2007
175. My Death Is Worth More Than My Life (In The Works) 5/22/2007
176. For Now 5/22/2007
177. Stone To Sand 5/22/2007
178. The Little I Have Left Will Be Taken Away 5/29/2007
179. Painting Of A Girl Part 1 5/29/2007
180. Painting Of A Girl Part 2 5/29/2007
181. No Better Time Than Now 5/29/2007
182. Is It That You Can'T See Or Won'T Look 5/29/2007
183. Fuel To The Flame 5/29/2007
184. His Brothers Name Was James 5/29/2007
185. I Have A Home Finally (In The Works) 5/31/2007
186. The Eend Is Near 6/3/2007
187. Face Plant 6/13/2007
188. I Became Their Crutch 6/18/2007
189. The Curse 6/18/2007
190. Worm Within Our Minds 6/18/2007
191. In The Maze 6/18/2007
192. Only Time Can Tell 6/18/2007
193. Dead Within 6/18/2007
194. Whirlwind Of Screams From Within 7/7/2007
195. Tossed In My Face 7/11/2007
196. The Winds Embrace 7/11/2007
197. The Book Of Me (My Everything) 7/11/2007
198. I Will Fight Until The Very End 7/11/2007
199. Overwhelmed Forever 7/11/2007
200. Pieces Of Me Soon To Fly Free In The Wind 7/11/2007

Comments about Scarlet .....

  • Is It Poetry James Mclain Is It Poetry James Mclain (6/23/2009 12:47:00 PM)

    She grows from your pain..So she has grown a lot..She is is she..yes she bleeds very well...just read..iip

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    3 person did not like.
  • Chrispin Kamara-Johnson (5/31/2008 1:27:00 PM)

    You are one of the amazing person i have met not only are you a great poet but you are also strong emotional. love you and your poems.

  • Red Blooded Black Hearted (11/5/2007 9:43:00 PM)

    Poetic skillo in abundance!
    You write how you feel and use amazing amounts of emotion. I love your writing and I love reading your poems. Keep writing.

  • Mo. (6/21/2007 1:49:00 PM)

    Keep up the 'heartfelt' work,
    Great job! !

  • THE FIRST SHRIKE (6/16/2007 7:28:00 PM)

    She is what she is
    for the whole world
    to so see
    A Coward She Is Not

  • Madly In Love (3/29/2007 8:33:00 PM)

    Unnoticed Unknown is a great poet and all of her poems come straight from the heart, if u havent read her work then ur missing out on some great poems
    <3 MZ

Best Poem of Scarlet .....

Our Song

a song I never knew
has now become the song I can never forget
it is the song that can cure all
for I sit and listen to that song everyday
its reminds me of all the good
it reminds me of so much
for these lyrics I will never forget
for no matter how bad a day
all I have to do is hit play
and it will all be ok
with this one song I become
so peaceful
so happy
so relaxed
I never thought I would ever feel this calm
but now I do
because of this song
our song
the song that reminds me of you
of us
of love
of ...

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I stay up all night crying
just crying sand shaking
I’ve done so for the last four years
I wonder how many tears I’ve cried
how many more I’ll cry
will my eyes ever dry?
or will they cry forever

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