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Scarlet ..... Poems

321. Carpe Diem 12/7/2007
322. Anger-The Feeling 4/6/2007
323. Font Color='0bb5ff' Modern Day Cinderella 8/17/2007
324. A Craving-Giving In (Revised) 7/29/2007
325. Butterflies 5/6/2007
326. Dear Mom 4/7/2007
327. A Simple Hello 4/9/2007
328. Is It Really Worth It 3/18/2007
329. ~the Hallway Of Hell~1 11/7/2007
330. A Musical Calm 8/1/2007
331. Crying 3/18/2007
332. I Am My Own Monster 5/22/2007
333. Can'T Someone Want Me? 5/22/2007
334. Anything Would Be Fiine 4/6/2007
335. I Am An Emo Poet 6/5/2007
336. All Gone 6/23/2007
337. Don'T Judge -(Please Read) 6/5/2007
338. I Am Not Just A Rag Doll 4/16/2007
339. Explosion-2 4/6/2007
340. Depression 6/4/2007
341. A Fly 5/30/2007
342. Comfort In Pain 6/15/2007
343. Font Color=' 000000' Silent To The World 8/17/2007
344. Font Color='000000'Blind Eyes Of The Light And The All Seeing Eyes Of The Dark 3/29/2007
345. Lets Not Just Be Another Teenage Suicide Lets Fight Together 3/22/2007
346. Looking Back On My Life-2 3/30/2007
347. Broken Window 4/25/2007
348. Caterpillar 5/6/2007
349. Happiness 4/3/2007
350. Afraid, So Afraid 3/30/2007
351. Blood 4/25/2007
352. Cutting But Not For The Blood 4/26/2007
353. Breaking Down The Walls 3/30/2007
354. A Nameless Girl 10/13/2007
355. I Will Be Me 4/10/2007
356. Our Song 4/15/2007
357. A Dream I Dreamt(Do All Dreams Come True) 5/29/2007
358. A Bed Of Tissues 3/22/2007
359. A Coward I Am Not 5/6/2007
360. Anger 4/27/2007

Comments about Scarlet .....

  • Is It Poetry James Mclain Is It Poetry James Mclain (6/23/2009 12:47:00 PM)

    She grows from your pain..So she has grown a lot..She is is she..yes she bleeds very well...just read..iip

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    3 person did not like.
  • Chrispin Kamara-Johnson (5/31/2008 1:27:00 PM)

    You are one of the amazing person i have met not only are you a great poet but you are also strong emotional. love you and your poems.

  • Red Blooded Black Hearted (11/5/2007 9:43:00 PM)

    Poetic skillo in abundance!
    You write how you feel and use amazing amounts of emotion. I love your writing and I love reading your poems. Keep writing.

  • Mo. (6/21/2007 1:49:00 PM)

    Keep up the 'heartfelt' work,
    Great job! !

  • THE FIRST SHRIKE (6/16/2007 7:28:00 PM)

    She is what she is
    for the whole world
    to so see
    A Coward She Is Not

  • Madly In Love (3/29/2007 8:33:00 PM)

    Unnoticed Unknown is a great poet and all of her poems come straight from the heart, if u havent read her work then ur missing out on some great poems
    <3 MZ

Best Poem of Scarlet .....

(my Flame) Burning From The Inside Out

My flame from

My flame of

Flame of
this flame is
my beast

It rages within me
higher and higher
it burns

I really need
to put this
flame out
for it has
already almost
taken my life

how do you
put a flame
out that is receiving
constant fuel

I know the flame
will never totally
be put out

Can I not
get it to
burn lower
for it is
so high now

That it is
once again
close to that
point of
serious harm

I need to be able ...

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Shadow Of A Lost Soul

I'm a shadow
a shadow on the wall
a shadow of a lost soul
I go around life
on the wall
blending in
I watch the world
as if it’s a movie
that’s how it is to me
its all predictable
its reruns
just with different actors
and let me tell you
the plot is thin

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