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Biography of Scarlett Esme Jonas

Hello there everyone, my name is Scarlett-Esme Jonas, Im a blind 15 year old living my life. I found this site due to my dearst friend Tamara Lil Aimo Challinor who you can find on here. She has helped me so much in my life. also has my wonderful boyfriend Jaxon, also my parents. i dedicate my poems to many poeple espically tamara and Jaxon. i have been blind since i was 6 years old and now i attend boarding school. (if your thinking how im typing well i ethier get a friend to do it or i have a other way.)
i like life though i can't remember what it looks like but i will always have a mental picture there in my brain. i can remember my parents and Jaxon and tamara these were the only 4 poeple i ever remember,
i hope you find my poems intresting at the moment im in the process of updating them.

I Lost.

I lost the most wonderful thing in my life,
Now all i want to do is scare myself with a knife.
I lost the best friends who guide my way,
Now i have no one who will play.
I lost the most beautiful thing in my darkend eyes,
Now i have nothing to win there is no prize.
I lost my eyes,
Now all i hear is lies.
I lost you my dearst Louis.

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