Scarlett Voight

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Scarlett Voight Poems

1. The Heart 3/17/2013
2. Mist 3/18/2013
3. Devistation 3/18/2013
4. Time 3/18/2013
5. Sister 3/18/2013
6. Questions 3/18/2013
7. Hope 3/18/2013
8. Haiku's 3/18/2013
9. I Will Never Forget 3/18/2013
10. I Am From 3/18/2013
11. Do Something 3/18/2013
12. The Scarlet Night 3/18/2013
13. Cavities 3/18/2013
14. My Hope 3/18/2013
15. Promises 3/18/2013
16. What I Think 3/18/2013
17. What I Really Wish 3/18/2013
18. Falling 3/18/2013
19. God Complex 3/18/2013
20. Dark Warrior 3/18/2013
21. Shattered Pieces 3/18/2013
22. Darkness 3/18/2013

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Best Poem of Scarlett Voight

Shattered Pieces

Lying on the floor
scattered everywhere are
shattered pieces

They are shattered pieces
of my precious heart

So fradgile like glass
so beautifule like the ocean

I gave you this delicate hear of mine
to tend to it
For I thought you wouldn't let it fall

But here they are, pieces
of my heart broken

What will I do?

Each time I try to pick up thoese scattered pieces
they cut my fingers

So they are left lying on the floor

I am left empty and lifeless with thoes
shattered pieces

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Thick fog covers my eyes,
Yet fear has left me
Deluded light is my only reassurance in this blue mist
Sparks of electricity, tug, at my hands-
Warning me.
I'm dressed in white flowers tainted
With drops of my own unclean blood
I walk towards someone as...
Tears drip? - down

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