Scarlette Arabelle

Rookie (May 10,1990 / Johntown)

Biography of Scarlette Arabelle

I'm just another poet struggling to get by. I adore writing, but it doesn't generate much income. Currently I'm writing a book and a collection of poems. The book is a work of fiction and fantasy and it a little beyond 'the norm.' My poetry tends to be a bit more on the depressing side as it is difficult for me to write my happier thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I know I posted the same two poems a million times, but I was confused by the page that appears after you submit and just kept changing titles. The copies will be removed at a later date. I hope you enjoy my poetry, have a wonderful day! Updates

Faith No More

For a man of anger does
As men of anger do
Profess to us words
That are arguably untrue

He argues truth
We argue lies
And yet he hides
‘Neath false disguise

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