Scarlette Arabelle

Rookie (May 10,1990 / Johntown)

Biography of Scarlette Arabelle

I'm just another poet struggling to get by. I adore writing, but it doesn't generate much income. Currently I'm writing a book and a collection of poems. The book is a work of fiction and fantasy and it a little beyond 'the norm.' My poetry tends to be a bit more on the depressing side as it is difficult for me to write my happier thoughts. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I know I posted the same two poems a million times, but I was confused by the page that appears after you submit and just kept changing titles. The copies will be removed at a later date. I hope you enjoy my poetry, have a wonderful day! Updates

Ashes To Ashes

We await the arrival
Of the day of next
We sit and we ponder
Faintly perplexed

Our minds begin to wonder
Our thoughts become unhinged
Our passionate fire
Leaves nothing unsinged

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