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-could you stand there like that
keep your eyes on me
for one more minute-

- charlotte martin

And so I start this literary journey with a broken heart and the unforgiving fate cloud to thank. No, I'm not depressed and I don't have an awful life full of backstreet struggles, parental divorce, drug abuse and conflict...I should get that clear right now:

I'm genuinely a happy person. I love laughing and making others laugh. I love learning...oh geeze I love learning. If money was no option, I would take more classes than I needed just to take in as much as possible. I just love nature, writing, eating, friends, family, lacrosse, and just getting the most out of life. I'm incredibly open-minded, curious and trustworthy. I'm less shocked, more curious about pretty much everything. I feel great when people tell me that they can tell me everything...and it's really very true.

...but I've broken a writer's heart and between deep breaths of stifled tears he mentioned his strife will make really good writing material someday. It's true...a broken heart will tear you apart from the inside out, but it can mend together ideas for a great story; fantastic or realistic. The feelings involved could trigger an enormous emotional rhythm leading to a great poem.

So, I could be clever...or cliche...and make this little blog into some poem, but I won't. I'm not even sure I can gather my thoughts well enough to even put together a great peice, but at least I can save some material here where viewers can comment, critique, make suggestions etc. This silly computer doesn't give much feedback. (so, yes, comments, critiques, suggestions are much appreciated)

Having said all of that...

I'm not too absorbed with cleaning and reorganizing these stupid, silly busted heart peices that all of my works will be deeply turmoiled, it's just my building block for now. Promise. Updates

Hello, Mr. Writers Block

Well, hello Mr. Writers Block
Sit down, join me again for some tea.
But wait, you've frequented to the limit,
and there's not enough for both you and me.
If you don't leave, set up a bed.
I have a feeling you plan on staying.

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