Scott Minar

Biography of Scott Minar

College professor and editor. Poems in The Paris Review, Poetry International, Crazyhorse, Ninth Letter, The Laurel Review, and many other journals in the US and Canada. Five books. Joyce Carol Oates: 'Scott Minar's work is a remarkable find.'

Scott Minar's Works:

The Body's Fire (Clarellen 2002)
The Palace of Reasons (Mammoth Books 2006)
Exercises for Poets: Double Bloom (with E. Dougherty, Pearson 2006)
The Working Poet (Autumn House 2009)
The Working Poet II (Mammoth Books 2014) Updates

Report From Hades

Last week, the electorate voted Minotaur
Governor of the Malformed. Like his father
he raised taxes and seeks now to outlaw labyrinths
as too challenging. The weather is bleak,
a chiaroscuro of heat lightning
and bole clouds. Politicians complain
about inherited rule,
how it weakens the economy,
the drive to create new tortures. Some

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