Scott Mitchell

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Scott Mitchell poet

I consider myself a person of deep thought with a romantic mind. As many others sit and see the ocean as a place where people swim, boats sail, and various creatures live; I, from my romanticist point of view and thought see it as a place of exhilarating power and inspiration of creation and thought. Likewise, I see the world and all it's inhabitants. Spiritual studies are of the most interesting for me as no point of view can be completely proven and learning of the subject matter is unlimited.

Scott Mitchell's Works:

Boundless Whispers Updates

Autumn Tale

So smooth the music calling me
warm rays of sun, I shall not flee
Through destiny’s door I quickly peer
motionless, yet I shall not fear
The sum of your essence is pulling me
infinite brown eyes, my legs are weak
Your enticing voice, butterflies awaken
I stumble in, as the earth has shaken

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