sean alexander

Rookie (11/11/1991 / vetnor, new jersey)

Biography of sean alexander

a child awakes in to a demison of hate
thrown into a world uknown
so violent towards his eyes
the river drains and he cannot cry

im 17 and live in las vegas nevada
if you are thinking about
moving here
read one of my poems (viva)

it might give you a clear impression
of what its like living here

i like bob dylan, the doors, and jimi hendrix
i am an advide reader
and singer/guitar player

my advice is that if you write poetry
than the anwser to your question
is yes
you do have a soul Updates

As The Rain Falls

As the rain falls
And so here we find ourselves!
To dance
To prance
Around in the rain.
The water comes down and washes away the pain.
We do not think about tomorrow only about today.
We feel liberated in some mysterious way.
That I cannot put my finger on.

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