sean alexander

Rookie (11/11/1991 / vetnor, new jersey)

sean alexander Poems

1. To Veronica 5/15/2009
2. Perchance A Dream 5/15/2009
3. Holy Fire 5/15/2009
4. Boredom 5/15/2009
5. Raped 5/15/2009
6. The Machinery Of War 5/15/2009
7. My Version Of Humanity 5/15/2009
8. A Forest Of Darkness 5/15/2009
9. I Met A Man Who Told Of Whats To Come 5/15/2009
10. This Will Happen After 2009 5/15/2009
11. The End 5/15/2009
12. Only A Dream 5/15/2009
13. Drifting Threw Town 5/15/2009
14. Viva 5/15/2009
15. Crazy 5/15/2009
16. The Drunk 5/15/2009
17. Martha My Dear 5/15/2009
18. No 5/15/2009
19. Ok 5/15/2009
20. Underflow 5/15/2009
21. Though The Battle Was Won 5/16/2009
22. Women Come And Go 5/17/2009
23. How I Want People To Remember Me 5/17/2009
24. The Elder Of The Tribe 5/17/2009
25. My Heart Should Be Taken Away 5/17/2009
26. Once Upon A Morning 6/2/2009
27. Idiots Are Smart And Genuies Are Dumb 5/17/2009
28. Fun And Good Times 5/15/2009
29. As She Lays On The Bed 5/15/2009
30. A Poem Of Alliteration 5/17/2009
31. The Birdcage 5/16/2009
32. You Are Beautiful 5/17/2009
33. Smile 5/17/2009
34. Love Strung 5/15/2009
35. As The Rain Falls 5/15/2009
36. The Days 5/15/2009
37. A Walk In The Park 5/16/2009

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A Walk In The Park

Come walk with me in the park
A little bit after dark
When the sun is still setting
And the moon is still rising
Like two children on a see saw
As one goes down the other comes up
And we will walk beside the green shrubbery
On the cold side walk
Walking in nothing but our socks
Being careful not to step on rocks
It feels cold out tonight
Please take my coat
We’ll walk under the street lamps
Over puddles dark and damp
Come sit on this bench with me
We’ll throw bread to the ducks out on the lake
Maybe they will come so close
So you can get a ...

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As The Rain Falls

As the rain falls
And so here we find ourselves!
To dance
To prance
Around in the rain.
The water comes down and washes away the pain.
We do not think about tomorrow only about today.
We feel liberated in some mysterious way.
That I cannot put my finger on.

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