Sean Furlong

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Sean Furlong Poems

1. Green With Poetry 3/17/2005
2. Risky Business 2/23/2005
3. Shirley 2/23/2005
4. Me, On The Rocks 5/21/2005
5. Silver Mines In The Sky 8/7/2005
6. A Need To Feed 10/4/2005
7. California, Here 3/4/2005
8. Rhymes To Paper 5/11/2005
9. Capo, Third Fret 5/20/2005
10. Decide 2/23/2005
11. Ubiquitous Perspective 2/23/2005
12. Believe In Me 12/27/2005
13. Deaf Ears Open 1/15/2006
14. Disclaimer 2/23/2005
15. Seeing Is Believing 2/23/2005
16. Rich Or Poor? 2/23/2005
17. Susanna / Return To Sender 3/4/2005
18. Lizzy Liz Liz 3/8/2005
19. Prayer 2/23/2005
20. Stay 2/23/2005
21. Keep Writing 2/23/2005
22. Dreams 2/23/2005
23. Her Loving Heart 6/29/2005
24. Whirlwind Of Spring 7/1/2005
25. The Idea Man 2/23/2005
26. To Ensnare A Rhyme 3/17/2005
27. Declaration Of Might For Love 4/20/2005
28. I Lift Them Up To You 4/20/2005
29. Swimming In Your Love 4/28/2005
30. Elongated Hair 6/12/2005
31. Work In Progress 7/1/2005
32. Crumbling Path 7/11/2005
33. Stanzas Of Romance 8/7/2005
34. Advice For The Heart 8/7/2005
35. Tan Girl 8/7/2005
36. Life At The Races 3/4/2005
37. Young-Term Love 3/4/2005
38. Lingering Traces 4/7/2005
39. Wip'D (Work In Progress) 8/8/2007
40. The Stitcher 11/14/2007

Comments about Sean Furlong

  • Michael Shepherd (2/23/2005 5:12:00 AM)

    I think (roll of drums) that you're a real poet, Sean, who writes the occasional lousy line don't we all. So please take your talent seriously - but go on writing fun poems along with the serious ones? Best wishes.

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Best Poem of Sean Furlong

Tread Water For Her

I've got what you want
you told me to bring it
this box here for you
our ship's cargo
salvaged after wreckage
reminders of a voyage
a trip to Key Largo

What a grand time we'd had
up until that fateful day
the reef hit so suddenly
knocked us out for a moment
things would never be the same

Me, the nautical novice
You, with eyes like the ocean
Us, on a wayward rendezvous
To truly live is to drown in you

Revealed, I've now died
that I can accept
a treasure now kept safe
forever to you it is tied

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Risky Business

I don't take negative or unexpected consequences very well
I've gotta think things through or spend life in hell
An unruly life I do not desire
for all my plans I've made for so long
might unravel after one backfire

This game of risk is not unlike that of world conquest
The process of both can leave a person quite stressed
Move this army here, move that army there