Sean Godley

Rookie (17/11/1981 / Cavan, Republic of Ireland)

Biography of Sean Godley

Sean was born in Cavan and has spent most of his life in the wild Irish Republican countryside. He was educated predominantly in England, where he gained his introduction to literature and poetry. He did not start writing poetry seriously until 2005 and is still in the process of discovering his true voice. His main poetic influences are Michael Dransfield and Dylan Thomas.
Sean is embarking on a Masters in Writing in September 2006. Aside from writing, Sean has lived a wild life of glorious times with his far flung friends, sometime degeneracy and found God only to forget where he put him. Sean has had scrapes with death and life. When Sean found God, God showed him how to glimpse the mystical undertoes of life. Sean told God that he'd better not have anything more to drink.
In all seriousness, Sean hopes you enjoy what he has written and looks forward to any feedback.

Sean Godley's Works:

Nil Updates


distant stillnesses
the crows and sparrows
screech and scrape across
the sunken sunlight
oblong orange dyes with purple
dying into older black
they shriek and shriek their sure remembrance
sounds they screech and scrape across
the sunken sunlight

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