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121. When You Don’t Come Down You Hold My Breath For Hours 9/19/2007
122. Love And The Slow Learner 9/21/2007
123. Irrefutable Arguments For Happiness And Joy 6/18/2007
124. A Rainbow Morphs To A Gothic Arch A Certain Serendipity Diverts Our Path 9/11/2007
125. Three Blind Mice…see How They Run…they All Ran After The Farmer’s Wife 8/30/2007
126. You Were Such A Shocking Lover Willful, Wish Fulfilling Mother’ 8/30/2007
127. The Twinkling Bliss Of Sunlight On Green Leaves 8/6/2007
128. Land Mines And Other Weapons Of Mass Production 8/2/2007
129. The Moon Climbs Slowly Upwards 7/11/2007
130. Signs Of Tension 5/10/2007
131. Control ((Rude But Deep) Well Mostly Rude) 5/12/2007
132. Three Friends 1/25/2007
133. Laughing Kisses 12/22/2005
134. One Forever Blessed Teacher 2/12/2006
135. I Like Everything, I Do, I Like... 1/5/2006
136. Swan Song (A Sardonic Look At Old Age) 1/5/2006
137. Weasel Words With Easy Starts Are Not The First Ones To Our Hearts 9/9/2007
138. Observe Now Under One Umbrella A Stage-Struck Cat Recites Othello 9/13/2007
139. Rear-Admiral Grantham Us Navy Strides Ashore..... 9/13/2007
140. A New Zealand Beach 6/8/2008
141. Nobody Knows 1/31/2008
142. An Irish Mile 1/31/2008
143. A Country Road (Everybody Has One) 9/4/2007
144. Blue Water Falls To Smithereens From Fountains Made Of Silver Beams 8/27/2007
145. Swan Song 5/14/2007
146. The Seagulls Screamed In The Sky Above (Do Not Stand Under This Poem) 1/28/2006
147. Sometimes We Fly Together Beyond The Milky Way 8/13/2007
148. My Heart Is Broken, Nobody Knows, Well It Works Socially.. 8/17/2007
149. Do You Have Hopes And Plans And Dreams 8/16/2007
150. Full Fat Voluptuous Silence 8/4/2007
151. About Hungry Children And Land Mines 8/4/2007
152. The Bottom Line 1/5/2006
153. Buttercups (Based On 12 Given Words) 1/1/2006
154. Left Behind 1/8/2006
155. The Kite 12/15/2005
156. Small Summer Days 1/2/2006
157. The Things I Saw 12/18/2005
158. Ghosts 1/11/2006
159. And All These Futile Things I Do... 1/12/2006
160. Demons 11/22/2006

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Sweet Nicole (A Sweet But Faithless Lady)

It was August I remember
I remember when I met her
She was perfect I remember
in her body, mind and soul

In September I remember
I remember her all over
She was perfect I remember
in her body, mind and soul

In October I remember
I remember her all over
We were lovers I remember
in body, mind and soul

In November I remember
I remember lies she told me
She was wilful I remember
Wilful to the n'th degree

In December I remember
I remember it was over
Still, she is all that I remember
Love forever sweet Nicole

. ...

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When You And I Are Dead

When you and I are dead
a generation down.
They will think about us
and for a time will try
to understand what
moved us in our day

When we are the
Late Lamented

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