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121. When You Don’t Come Down You Hold My Breath For Hours 9/19/2007
122. Love And The Slow Learner 9/21/2007
123. Irrefutable Arguments For Happiness And Joy 6/18/2007
124. A Rainbow Morphs To A Gothic Arch A Certain Serendipity Diverts Our Path 9/11/2007
125. Three Blind Mice…see How They Run…they All Ran After The Farmer’s Wife 8/30/2007
126. You Were Such A Shocking Lover Willful, Wish Fulfilling Mother’ 8/30/2007
127. The Twinkling Bliss Of Sunlight On Green Leaves 8/6/2007
128. Land Mines And Other Weapons Of Mass Production 8/2/2007
129. The Moon Climbs Slowly Upwards 7/11/2007
130. Signs Of Tension 5/10/2007
131. Control ((Rude But Deep) Well Mostly Rude) 5/12/2007
132. Three Friends 1/25/2007
133. Laughing Kisses 12/22/2005
134. One Forever Blessed Teacher 2/12/2006
135. I Like Everything, I Do, I Like... 1/5/2006
136. Swan Song (A Sardonic Look At Old Age) 1/5/2006
137. Weasel Words With Easy Starts Are Not The First Ones To Our Hearts 9/9/2007
138. Observe Now Under One Umbrella A Stage-Struck Cat Recites Othello 9/13/2007
139. Rear-Admiral Grantham Us Navy Strides Ashore..... 9/13/2007
140. A New Zealand Beach 6/8/2008
141. Nobody Knows 1/31/2008
142. An Irish Mile 1/31/2008
143. A Country Road (Everybody Has One) 9/4/2007
144. Blue Water Falls To Smithereens From Fountains Made Of Silver Beams 8/27/2007
145. Swan Song 5/14/2007
146. The Seagulls Screamed In The Sky Above (Do Not Stand Under This Poem) 1/28/2006
147. Sometimes We Fly Together Beyond The Milky Way 8/13/2007
148. My Heart Is Broken, Nobody Knows, Well It Works Socially.. 8/17/2007
149. Do You Have Hopes And Plans And Dreams 8/16/2007
150. Full Fat Voluptuous Silence 8/4/2007
151. About Hungry Children And Land Mines 8/4/2007
152. The Bottom Line 1/5/2006
153. Buttercups (Based On 12 Given Words) 1/1/2006
154. Left Behind 1/8/2006
155. The Kite 12/15/2005
156. Small Summer Days 1/2/2006
157. The Things I Saw 12/18/2005
158. Ghosts 1/11/2006
159. And All These Futile Things I Do... 1/12/2006
160. Demons 11/22/2006

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Sweet Nicole (A Sweet But Faithless Lady)

It was August I remember
I remember when I met her
She was perfect I remember
in her body, mind and soul

In September I remember
I remember her all over
She was perfect I remember
in her body, mind and soul

In October I remember
I remember her all over
We were lovers I remember
in body, mind and soul

In November I remember
I remember lies she told me
She was wilful I remember
Wilful to the n'th degree

In December I remember
I remember it was over
Still, she is all that I remember
Love forever sweet Nicole

. ...

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What She Called Love

I could see that she could see
what she called love and gave to me.

Calendars she gave to me and diaries of days
With love mapped out on every page
what she called love and gave to me.

And as each day in turn rolled by
with every tryst we did comply.

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