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161. My I-Pod Is Broken But Nobody Knows 11/25/2006
162. I See Those Hens As They Flutter And Fly 8/11/2007
163. When The Minds That Hold The Memory Of You And I And Now 8/9/2007
164. John Peel Is Dead 12/26/2005
165. If It Could Be 1/26/2006
166. We Are The Same 2/11/2006
167. I Am Here 12/12/2005
168. At The Funeral 8/3/2007
169. The Cat Poem - With Discussion 1/5/2006
170. Cellos In The Morning 12/13/2005
171. Anticipation 1/6/2006
172. Another Wet Wednesday 1/12/2006
173. Avuncular Innocuous With Truculent Asparagus 12/16/2005
174. Her Private Moon 12/29/2005
175. Our Technology In The Hungry World 12/17/2005
176. The Poem Builder's Yard 1/3/2006
177. The Long Slow Sounds Of A Cello The Slow Long Draw On The Bow 9/8/2007
178. Help Me, My Poem Has Escaped (Contains Words) 1/3/2006
179. Why Me 2/2/2006
180. Love 12/14/2005
181. What She Called Love 1/4/2006
182. A One Sided Conversation Between Friends 8/22/2007
183. The Music Is Beginning To Slow Down 5/6/2007
184. She Was Perfect I Remember In Her Body, Mind And Soul 9/15/2007
185. A Pantoum In The New Zealand Bush 6/28/2007
186. A Painted God (Based On A True Story) 1/3/2006
187. My Grandmother 1/2/2006
188. The Best Day Ever 12/17/2005
189. The Funeral 12/28/2005
190. It Was August I Remember, I Remember When I Met Her, She Was Perfect I Remember... 8/17/2007
191. Sweet Nicole (A Sweet But Faithless Lady) 1/6/2006

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Sweet Nicole (A Sweet But Faithless Lady)

It was August I remember
I remember when I met her
She was perfect I remember
in her body, mind and soul

In September I remember
I remember her all over
She was perfect I remember
in her body, mind and soul

In October I remember
I remember her all over
We were lovers I remember
in body, mind and soul

In November I remember
I remember lies she told me
She was wilful I remember
Wilful to the n'th degree

In December I remember
I remember it was over
Still, she is all that I remember
Love forever sweet Nicole

. ...

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When You And I Are Dead

When you and I are dead
a generation down.
They will think about us
and for a time will try
to understand what
moved us in our day

When we are the
Late Lamented

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