Sean Kievman

Rookie (1979 / Northern California)

Biography of Sean Kievman

I'm in my early thirties. I've always enjoye writing poems. I like the way poetry twists words rythematically. I live in Japan and teach English as a Second language. It's fun and exciting. I was here during the 9.0 earthquake. It was the scariest day of my life. I took a short two week break and went back to the USA but I'm back in Japan teaching ESL again. Hopefully there aren't anymore earthquakes like the one I experienced and where so many people lost their lives. I hope you enjoy my poems.

Sean Kievman's Works:

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Happy Valentine My Love

If you were a star shining out of a billion you would be the only star I would see. If you were a clover in a patch of a million you would be the one I'd pick.
If you were a kitten born from a litter of a dozen you would be the one I'd take home.
If you were a rose in a bushel of many you would be the perfect one that I'd endlessly gaze at.
If you were a plumeria flower that had fallen to the ground you would be the one out of many that I would pick up and smell the breathtaking aroma from.

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