Sean McDowell

Rookie - 0 Points (May 3,1981 / Tucson, AZ)

Biography of Sean McDowell

I am

the boy and the sling without the faith,
giant charging. My words drop
like stones from the loose strap,
and those who once lined
the camp behind me lower their heads
and turn away. In this stasis,
I cannot

blame them. They turn, as I have before—
standing waist-deep
in the Jordan, watching the dove descend,
only to flinch
in the moment of destiny— Updates

Paper Trails

Should you chase the unwritten pages,
the spaces left beyond
the lines where words could no longer sustain thought,
you will find me.
And it has long seemed to me that there must be
something wrong,
or perhaps crucially right,
with a world in which we can map every continent
but not the soul,

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