Sean Michael Bishop

Rookie (Earth Day 1994 / Roseburg, Oregon)

Biography of Sean Michael Bishop

I was raised as the youngest of a large family. I was the kid who had the brains and the brawn, but not the kick in the butt to keep myself going. I ended up moving and going to a different school, which changed my life. I have my family, friends, and the love of my life to thank for getting me through it, and the aftermath.

Sean Michael Bishop's Works:

Creative Communications (essay and poetry) 2012 Updates

That Moment

That moment when your voice is rising above all of the other sounds;
That moment when you know the crowd is getting goosebumps;
That moment when your passion is at its apex;
That moment when you know that this was the right choice.

That moment when her voice hits that high note;
That moment when you feel as if an angel is singing;
That moment when all is well as you are enveloped in her passionate voice

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