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A Cloud Portrait - Sandra Fowler (summinamajapo3ticlicence)

Arms hold the soundless music of the sky.
The lyricism of the soul burns high.

Brief poems dance with distance against space.
As snow interlocks this landscape into place.

i look at you through bare boned old trees.
Invoke these magic's of simplicities.

Who writes me verses while the moments fall.
White notes that never can these tears annul.

Now it's best emotion be not said out loud.
So paints us our picture on a passing cloud

Which just like a child i try to memorize.
Before it fades like winter from our eyes.

RIP Sandra

Goldy Locks, had2 invisible iNk ThEm jEEpp$cORdin8's
bEST wIshEs aLL wAys you might b.



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i really enjoy this one for some might too

by Holly Karapetkova

Once when the king came looking
I called him a bastard, spat
in the dirt, strapped my weapons on
and rode my blue horse.
My hair was as black as a curse.

But the autumn came
the leaves turned bitter
and the soil laid out its poison.

Now my hair is grey.
The king will find me home
confessing my sins to the priest:
thirty years a rebel, twenty a thief.
All I ask is a coffin tall enough to stand
wide enough to load my gun
and on the right side leave a window

So the swallows will come
driving the spring

Driving my blue horse home.

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and finally

dEAr POEmhUntEr

MR French dUde :)


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