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by Holly Karapetkova

Once when the king came looking
I called him a bastard spat
in the dirt

Strapped my weapons on
and rode my blue horse
my hair was as black as a curse

But then autumn came
the leaves turned bitter and
the soil laid out its poison

Now my hair is grey
The king will find me home
confessing my sins to a priest
thirty years a rebel twenty a thief

All i ask is a coffin tall enough to stand
wide enough to load my gun
and on the right side leave a window

So the swallows will come
driving the spring

Driving my blue horse home.

by Holly Karapetkova

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Be like those cowboy's says steal these boots

wow i like the way an arrow shoots
and see how far an arrow shoots

Put yourself right inside harms way

just to see what filthy games people be willing to play
and, th3n ExaCtLy aB0ut WhAt d0 u Th1nK u W0uLd zactly SAy

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